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Kids for Obama

September 30, 2008

After watching that creepy video of little children singing the praises of Obama, I decided to check out his website to see just what he has included for the little tykes.

I wasn’t disappointed. He has a treasure trove of ideas for the little ones. We wouldn’t want them wasting their time on homework or playing with their friends.

Here’s just a sampling of what you can do:

You can download an Obama’08 colorable (pretty sure that’s not a word….oh well) picture! Tons of fun!

Or you can write an editorial to a local newspaper explaining why Obama should be the next president.

Happily, you can draw a picture of Barack Obama! Or if you don’t think you can get the ears quite right, you can just draw a picture that expresses democracy.

You can start “T-Shirt Thursday” at school and hassle your friends into wearing Obama propaganda.

Interestingly, you are encouraged to go to the polls on election day (with someone 18 or older of course) and coerce them into voting for Obama.

Host a Barack Obama sleepover! Because that’s just what every child wants during the weekend, a politically-charged sleepover!

I don’t know about you, but I personally think kids need to pretty much stay out of politics all together. I think if you’re still playing with Barbies or tearing your GI Joes apart, then politics is not for you.

But, this is ALL part of Obama’s grand plan. He wants kids to become indoctrinated early, because he doesn’t just want to be the president for the next 8 years, he also wants his radical views to propagate in many generations to come.

These kids that are having “change” and “hope” shoved down their throats now, will one day be old enough to vote. They’ll have kids one day, that they’ll teach to think the same way they do.

And the cycle will continue, and before you know it, our country will be unrecognizable.

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