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So where is that money coming from?

October 1, 2008

Well kids, it’s after 2 in the afternoon, so I’m well into my 7th or 8th drink. I always start to lose count after about 5 of them.

Anyway, I stumbled across a news article that raises some pretty important questions about Obama’s fundraising. You can read it here.

Here’s the lowdown as I understand it. Under law, an individual is allowed to donate $2,300 to a campaign in the primaries, and then another $2,300 in the general election. That’s a total of $4,600 for those of you who don’t have a calculator, or can’t do simple math in their head (burn).

And that applies to your TOTAL contribution. Now, there are some other regulations too. Like if a person donates $200 or more at one time, their name has to be made public. Anyone who donates less than that doesn’t have to be revealed.

The McCain campaign has revealed the identities of ALL their donors, even the ones who didn’t donate more than $200. Obama has opted to keep the majority of his small donors a secret, even after it was requested that he make the names public.

Perhaps he has something to hide? It does make sense, he has already had many questionable donations, like from a donor named “Good Will” who gave well over the $2,300 limit. The Obama campaign credited back part of the money that went over the limit, but at the last check, they had still not given the necessary amount back. That has happened in another known case as well.

If you read the article from above, other problems are mentioned, probably most importantly the fact that foreigners are trying to find ways to get their money to Obama for his campaign. And I can’t help but feel slightly perplexed about the fact that this hasn’t even come up as an issue in a more public fashion.

Clearly something fishy is going on here, don’t you think the people should know about it?

And if it’s all legit, why won’t Obama tell us where this money is coming from? Just do what McCain did, and tell us the truth. If we find something naughty…we’ll go easy. I promise.

~T the D

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