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October 2, 2008

I don’t care what MSNBC or any these other left-wing wackos say, Sarah won that debate suckas!

From the beginning she dominated. She came out with her winning personality in full force, and she stole the show.

Admittedly there were times she went off topic, or didn’t answer the question asked, but that’s what happens in these debates. Each candidate is sort of desperate to fit in certain points. You can’t fault one for doing it when they ALL do it. So I’m tired already of MSNBC and CNN going after her for it.

If you’re going to call her out, then how about taking Biden to task for bringing up his dead family for NO APPARENT REASON. Unless of course he was looking for sympathy, which I don’t think he got. It seemed very disingenuous, and this is coming from someone who cries during cat food commercials. If you can get sympathy out of me, then you have failed epically.

Oh, and I think I got my biggest chuckle when Sarah accidentally referred to Joey Boy as “O’Biden.” Now I can’t stop picturing him as a leprechaun!

I know I’m slightly biased, but I was fully prepared to admit if Palin sucked balls tonight, but she didn’t. She hit it out of the park. She related to the American people on a level that Biden and Obama just can’t.

And that’s why I love her!

~T the D

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