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The homeless (or just homeless looking) love Obama

October 2, 2008

Wow Ohio….just WOW. When I watched the video the first time, I said to myself “I really hope there aren’t too many more people out there like that.” But you know what? There ARE, and that’s scary.

And Ohio…I’m just sort of ashamed that I’m your neighbor right now.

First they decide to allow people to just show up at the polls, without being registered, and register and vote at the same time. There are no checks to see if the person is eligible to vote…nothing.

Then you’ve go people who are obviously Obama supporters out on the street picking people up and taking them to the polls (Ohio has early voting). How desperate do you have to be to drive around and pick up complete strangers? I think Obama supporters are officially completely insane. All of them. I’m just gonna throw the blanket over the entire lot of them. I don’t care.

I’m to the point right now, where I don’t see any reason why anyone with any ounce of intelligence should still be supporting Obama. I will challenge anyone who thinks me wrong.

The man is ridiculous. He’s a radical who is full of nothing but rhetoric and bull-shit. So the fact that so many people are either too dumb to notice, or actually think the same way he does, is simply frightening.

People should be afraid of Barack Obama, because if elected, he will spend the next 4 years ruining this country. And God forbid he get another 4 years after that.

If you support Obama, then you support the ruination of our country. I wonder how that makes you feel inside.

~T the D

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