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This post has nothing to do with politics (or does it?)

October 2, 2008

I just felt the need to let everyone (ok…the two of you who actually read this) know that I am officially a bad-ass mofo. And clearly I am stuck in 1995.

You see, this the evening of October 2nd 2008, I have officially become a hot water boiler heat expert! That’s right bitches!

By way of brains and brawn I have successfully heated my house by 2 entire degrees! Booya! (1995 again…or was that ’94?).

I bet Obama can’t work a radiator like I can. Clearly he should not be allowed to lead our country. What’s gonna happen when you can’t heat your home? You can’t turn to him…you’ll have to call me!

I need a drink.

~T the D

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