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Angry Black People are Funny

October 3, 2008

Here something than a self-proclaimed angry black person wrote:

i’m sorry i haven’t been here my loyal fans….my alter-ego lives a busy lifeanywho….politics….real talk i’ve only been catching bits and pieces of the debates but in the end we all know that obama will be the one to fix this country over a period of four years…i swear to god if mccain wins i’m gonna move somewhere…like outside the states….old ass man running for president, let someone with alot of life ahead handle the work. obama is 46 years old…he’s what you would still consider young. not young in the sense of parties and bars but young in the sense of getting the 20s such as myself and 30 somethings to vote and telling us to support him because he’s about change.i’ll tell you right now, the people who vote for mccain are 85% to 90% white and probably in there 40s to 80s…….it’s more then a race thing here it’s goes for age too. now if john was in the democratic party and wasn’t such a rich and powerful white man…if he was like…i’m don’t know the bill cosby of the democratic party i would probably lean towards him as oppose to obama…but he ain’t…he’s just as unwise and uncanny as george bush is.that’s it for today kids.your favorite angry black manABT

How articulate. I asked this angry black man to give me just ONE good reason why he would support Obama as president. This is what I received:

well since he went to an ivy league school and what not…i’m assuming he has a little background in accounting, so he could probably fix all this damn debt that we in. as far as the war, barack wasn’t in the service, he was a college kid such as myself, so like me, he’s anti-war. he’s gonna have to talk peace like there’s no tommorrow to stop this war. if martin luther king can subdue racism and make everybody equal. i believe barack obama can change the hearts of those accross seas. it’ll take a few years, it won’t happen over night and what’s more…part of me is voting for obama because he’s black. they need to give another race a chance at running the country. we all equal so let’s take turns running america.

Let me outline the issues here:

1. Just because someone goes to an Ivy League school does not automatically mean they were provided with the necessary accounting skills to solve an entire country’s debt problems. The ridiculousness of that statement is astounding. I don’t even need to say anymore.

2. Talking peace is not going to save our country. What’s Barry going to do? Have sit downs with radical world leaders and convince them the error of their ways? Then maybe we’ll all sit around a bonfire and roast marshmallows? It ain’t gonna happen kid! Obama doesn’t have the power to change someones heart. Once again, people are putting the man on a pedestal that he does not deserve to be on.

3. Why even bring up MLK at all? He has nothing to do with this election, unless of course someone has registered him to vote in the state of Ohio, which at this point is a definite possibility.

4. Anyone who votes for Barack Obama because he’s black is an idiot, plain and simple. If I said I was voting for McCain because he’s white, I would be labeled a racist. But it’s just A-OK to say you’re going to vote for Barry because he’s black. It’s ridiculous. I don’t want someone to become president because of the color of their skin. I want them to become president because they are qualified for the job. I’m not voting for Obama because he’s a radical who will ruin our country. It has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin. So seriously, get off it already.

So now you see one more example of the kind of people who are supporting Obama. Do you want to be amongst them? Because I know I personally want to stay as far away from those types of people as possible. They kill my brain cells.

~T the D

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