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"Progressives" for Obama

October 3, 2008

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Obama has strong ties to Bill Ayers, now his colleagues from the Weather Underground are coming out to support him as well.

Can people really continue to say Obama has no ties to these radicals?

Here’s a list of former members who are now coming out in his support:

Howard Machtinger
Jeff Jones
Steve Tappis
Mark Rudd

These men are just as dangerous as they ever were, because their ideology has not changed, and their goal is communism. That is what the Weather Underground was all about. They declared their own war on democracy. They are the ultimate anti-Americans. And these are the people supporting Obama.

What does that tell you?

Obama is their man, because deep down he’s just as radical as they are. He walks around talking about “change” and “progress” but never telling us what he really means.

Well all you have to do is look at the people who are supporting him…the radicals, and that will give you a pretty good idea of what Obama really thinks.

Do you think these people would be supporting him if they thought he didn’t think the same way as they do?

We can’t let Obama become our president. The consequences are likely to be devastating. We should all be scared right now, because it could happen.

Wake up…I just want America to wake up.

~T the D

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