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Sarah Palin fed Joe Biden his own balls last night

October 3, 2008

I’m so tired of the biased media going after her. She knocked it out of the park last night, and the left-leaning mainstream media won’t even acknowledge it.

She was clear, she was concise, she didn’t get flustered, she talk both to Senator Biden and the American People and she told the TRUTH.

And she did it all HER way. She was charming, never letting Biden get a rise out of her.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s constant sighs, lies, and pleas for sympathy are going completely unnoticed.

Why doesn’t someone mention the fact that nearly everytime Sarah spoke, Joe interjected with a loud sigh? Or that he lied over and over and over again, straight to the American people. Or that he has no reason to bring up the tragedy of the family he lost. If it had fit into the subject and/or tone of the debate, then I could let it go. But it didn’t, and it just sounded desperate.

Sarah Palin received my cheers and applause, and Joe Biden gets nothing. Because he’s not even worth the muscles in my face that would be required to frown at him.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

~T the D

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