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Keating Five Scandal

October 6, 2008

Barack Obama is back at it again…basically his camp has said “Oh hey McCain, because you have decided to call out our candidate on legitimate ties to terrorists, we’re going to go after you for something that happened nearly 20 years ago, that you confessed was wrong, and from which you bounced back to remain a successful politician.”

The fact that the Obama camp believes the Keating Five Scandal in any way compares to Obama’s ties with terrorists like Bill Ayers is ridiculous.

If you want to read about the scandal, you can go here.

It was an unfortunate situation, and McCain knew that his involvement was wrong. He admitted that, and has moved past it.

Something Obama can’t or won’t do. Maybe I could get over the fact that Obama has worked with and socialized with trash like Bill Ayers if Obama would just admit that the association was wrong, and that he regrets it.

But he doesn’t admit it’s wrong, because he doesn’t THINK it’s wrong. He agrees with radicals like Ayers and others, because that is how HE thinks as well.

What kind of a man serves on boards with trash like that? What kind of a man allows his political coming out party to be held at the home of a piece of trash like that? What kind of a man, knowing that he has associated with trash, won’t admit it was wrong, and that he wants move on to do the right thing in the future?

I’m not sure what kind of a man you’d say that is, but that’s who Obama is. And I don’t need him as my president. No wonder he’s so keen to sit down with radical world leaders…he’s used to that sort of company.

~T the D

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