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Straight from the horse’s mouth…

October 6, 2008

Take a look at this questionnaire filled out by Obama when he was running for the Illinois State Senate back in 1996.

It’s a pretty quick read-through, but is very insightful.

Most of his answers don’t surprise me, because unlike about half of this country, I actually know what a radical this man really is.

Here are the ones that really got me: (my commentary appears in red)

35. Do you support state legislation to:
a. ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns? Yes. (perfect, don’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals, keep them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens instead)
b. ban assault weapons? Yes.
c. mandatory waiting periods and background checks? Yes.

34. Do you support:
a. capital Punishment? No.
b. criminal prosecution of juveniles as adults? No. (So there are no cases in which a juvenile should be tried as adult? He makes no exceptions for violent crimes, murders, or juveniles with a long criminal history?)
c. mandatory sentencing? No
d. work release, home monitoring, other alternative sentencing? Yes.

26. Do you support:
a. cost of living adjustment for public aid recipients? Yes.
b. workfare? Yes, if combined with training, child care, and health care
c. restrictions on welfare benefits for teen mothers? No.
d. restrictions on benefits for women who have children while on welfare? No. (so we should just accept a woman who is already living off of OUR tax dollars, and who won’t take the necessary precautions to keep herself from having MORE children that she can’t afford, and that I and other tax-payers will have to support FOR HER? That’s brilliant!)
e. repeal of the six month limit for receiving general assistance? Yes.
f. restoration of the Aid to the Medical Indigent program. Yes.
g. energy assistance programs for the poor? Yes.

24. Do you support:
a. Medicaid funding for abortions? Yes. (State-funded abortions? That’s exactly what we need. So if you’re poor, don’t worry about responsible sexual activity and birth control, because the tax-payers will bail you out like always!)
b. insurance coverage of abortions for state employees? Yes.
c. parental consent notification for minors seeking abortions? Depends on how
young – possibly for extremely young teens, i.e. 12 or 13 year olds. (I find this his most dispicable answer. There is NO reason or circumstance that warrants ANY medical professional performing an abortion on ANYONE who is under the age of 18 without consent from a parent. If I were a minor who tried to go to a family doctor for treatment, I couldn’t get it because a parent would have to consent. There is no reason why there should be any difference for abortion.)
d. any other restrictions on abortions. No. (NO other restrictions? What about partial birth abortion?)

2t. What is You Position on:
a. raising the minimum wage? I support it (So he supports raising a wage and deeply affecting the free market? He supports the fact that some businesses are forced to fire employees when the minimum wage goes up because they can’t afford to keep all of their staff? He supports the loss of jobs associated with increasing the minimum wage?)
b. establishing a lower minimum wage for minors? Opposed
c. including farm workers and household employees under existing labor laws?

19. Do you support banning the replacement of strikers in public employment? Yes (ALL public employees? What if firefighters or police officers strike? Who will patrol our streets? Who will come when we have an emergency in our homes? Who will rescue us from a fire? I guess that doesn’t matter.)

Do you support:
a. a graduated income tax? Yes.
b. maintaining current corporate/individual ratio? Yes.
c. increasing the $ 1,000 personal exemption? Yes, as part of shift to higher
income tax. (Higher taxes, how nice)
d. increasing income taxes to relieve or replace local property taxes? Yes. (Higher taxes again, lovely)

Like I have been asking over and over again, is this the man you want running our country? Do you want higher taxes? Then vote for Obama. Do you want to take care of someone else via your tax dollars because they won’t care for themselves? Then by all means, vote for Obama. Do you want to see our economy crumble? Go ahead, vote for Obama.

Sadly, it appears a lot of people out there are only paying attention to the rhetoric, and not to the facts about Obama. He could very well become our president…in which case, God help us.

~T the D

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