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Obama Lies…AGAIN

October 7, 2008

Big surprise!

I’m watching the debate…completely sober…ugh.

Obama just claimed that only a small percentage of the people who will be affected by his tax increases will be small business.

So how do you explain this:

“Tax Foundation data shows that Obama would take more than $131 billion from the top one percent of Taxpayers—nearly three out of every four of them small businesses—and redistribute it.” (taken from Karl Rove’s website).

3 out of 4 will be small businesses! In case you aren’t aware, small business is the BACK BONE of our country. I work for a small business. I know people who own small businesses. They are the ones employing the majority of Americans.

You begin over-taxing these businesses, and undoubtedly there are some who won’t be able to make it. That means people are going to lose their jobs. That means people can’t pay their bills. That means people are going to lose their homes.

Way to go Obama. Way to go.

I don’t say this about a lot of people…but I literally hate that man. He’s a smug SOB with nothing but socialist ideals spewing out of his face.

He hates America…he hates prosperity…and he will ruin this country.

If that’s what you want, then by all means, go ahead, vote for him.

But don’t get pissed when I say “told you so.”

~T the D

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