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Oh Lawds!

October 7, 2008

Everywhere I look, ignorance has set its blissful ass on Obama supporters. Search anti-Obama videos on YouTube and sift through the comments to see what I mean. Any halfway intelligent knock against Obama, be it an obvious observation or a fact about his stance on taxes, is always met with at least one “You’re racist!” comment.

Oh Lawds! As much as I’d love to believe these are just some trolls from ED, the sad truth is these people don’t know shit about our current political crisis and must resort to breaking out the stained sheets known as White Guilt. Yes, Barack Hussein Obama becoming the next President is a crisis! No, not because of his skin color; take your head out of your ass! Have you read anything about him? His thoughts on how taxes should be raised so we, the American people, should pay for abortions? Or helping out people who abuse the welfare system?

What? That’s news to you?

How about Obama’s blatant plagiarism of the “Just Words” speech by Deval Patrick in 2006? A great leader or a great wolf, stalking and preying on those weakend by the Bush years, Relying on labels like Republican and Democrat instead of looking at the actual candidates for what they are.

~Sassy Pants

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