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Tom Odula, Associated Press Writer…or Professional Truth Twister?

October 7, 2008

So I read this news story about an American author who has penned an anti-Obama book. I haven’t read it, so I won’t comment on the content or his intentions too much…but obviously the guy isn’t a big fan.

He was just detained and is now being deported from Kenya for not having a proper work permit. Sounds a little fishy to me. Especially since Obama is extremely popular there. It is where his father was from, and they consider Obama to be a native of the country.

It doesn’t surprise me that they’d deport an author simply for writing an anti-Obama book.

And I suppose that it doesn’t surprise me either, that the author of the story I read, twisted into a biased piece of crappy news. The author of the book (Jerome Corsi) is painted as a liar, while Obama is once again the “victim” of more “smears.”

He said that the book was full of “innuendo” and “false rumors” such as the presumption that Obama was a member of a radical black church.

But…Obama WAS a member of a radical black church! The Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago is a cesspool of radicalism, which is exactly why Obama attended the church. He’s a radical.

Tom Odula needs to learn how to write an un-biased piece of news and that something isn’t a smear when it’s the TRUTH.

~T the D

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