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"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

October 10, 2008

I just read quite an interesting article by Paul Kengor over at American Thinker. It dealt with one of my biggest frustrations about this election…the fact that so few people seem to care about Obama’s ties to so many radical individuals and groups.

What it made me realize is, I’m sort of in the minority in my knowledge about certain things in this country. I’m not saying I’m smarter…just more informed than a lot of people. Anyone can read and figure out what I have, the sad thing is, they don’t.

No one understands the ramifications of a president whose views border on Marxism, because they were never taught about it, and they don’t seek out the truth about it. When they hear about these associations, it means nothing to them, because they don’t get it.

But I DO get it, and the frustration builds in me daily.

I’m mad that people won’t inform themselves, and I’m mad that this country has turned away from educating its students about communism, socialism, and Marxism. Thinking back on my own education, I can remember little about those subjects, aside from maybe a quick definition in a book from a high school government class.

And forget about learning about it in college, because whether you want to admit it or not, colleges are simply a haven for liberal thinkers, professors who aren’t going to teach the truth about these “isms,” let alone condemn them.

So we’ve created a country full of people who are ignorant on the subject, and it could very well be the beginning of the ruin of things if something doesn’t change.

Because just like the quote says, if we can’t remember our past, we are condemned to repeat it.

Ronald Reagan called it “creeping socialism” and it’s knocking on our door.

The best thing we can do know is inform ourselves and others. Because most people who know the real truth, will turn away from this new movement. The people with the knowledge just need to take it upon themselves to inform others.

And I’m going to do just that. I’m not going to be afraid anymore to tell people exactly what I think about politics in this country. If I offend someone, so be it. Because I’ll be damned if I will just sit by and let this country slip into a hell of socialism. I won’t do it. If it happens, it won’t be while I sit by quietly.

No sir.

~T the D

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