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Celebritard Returns!

October 18, 2008

I had started my own special little feature of celebrities that I can no longer stomach, but it got to be so daunting because there are just so-damn-many idiotic celebrities out there!

But I had a special request recently to feature one celebrity (if you can even call her one) in particular: Sandra Bernhard.

The woman is simply an abomination. She’s a disgrace to red hair and Jews across this entire nation. Not the mention the fact that she makes her living through comedy…and she ain’t even funny.

I watched her recent “comedic” rant against Sarah Palin…and while the audience roared with laughter, all I could see was an unfortunate looking woman who is so washed up that all she has left is snarkiness…and not even the good kind like I have.

She’s just a gross human being. Thank God she’s in her 50’s and is into vagina…that should greatly reduce her chances of passing on anymore of her genes.

~T the D

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