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Finally…someone with an IQ above 10

October 18, 2008

Angie Harmon!

Although I think someone needs to force-feed her a few cheeseburgers, she’s one of my favorite celebrities…because she isn’t a heinous bitch and even though she’s really really really skinny I don’t ever feel like pushing her off a cliff.

Here’s what she said:

“In my opinion this election is not Democrat vs. Republican or black vs. white. It is simply between a man that is experienced and qualified to run this country and a man that is not – and that’s why I’m voting for John McCain.”

Thank you…some intelligence finally bounced its way out of Hollywood.

There is a God…there is no doubt now.

~T the D

P.S. Thanks must go out to Jenn…because she spoon fed me most of the material I covered tonight. But make no mistake…the wit and snark were ALL mine baby! 🙂

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