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Who’s that knocking on your door?

October 18, 2008

Well it might just be a drug dealer! Or a murderer! Or both!

A friend of mine was recently paid a visit by an Obama supporter who had her name and address (he asked specifically for her) who turned out to be a convicted felon.

You can see his offender data here.

Here’s what it breaks down to:
1 count of reckless homicide
9 counts of criminal recklessness
2 counts of dealing in cocaine or narcotic drug

He was just released in May for serving 8 years of a 16 year sentence after hitting a van during a street race, killing a child, and badly injuring the rest of her family. There are more details on the accident here.

I know that sometimes I sit alone in my house just praying for convicted felons to come over. Obama must know was us single girls are wishing for.

Seriously though…accident or not the guy is a felon. And if they’ll let him go around passing out fliers for Obama, who else will they send out there?

Perhaps they should do background checks on these people before they send them out with a person’s name and address…

That goes for both campaigns. If I heard of this happening with McCain, I’d be just as outraged. There is no excuse for sending people like that to someone’s home.

~T the D

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