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The Left: Party of the People?

October 21, 2008

I don’t think so. Not after the way they’ve treated Joe the Plumber. I’d call him by his real name, but then I’d have to look up how to spell it. So Joe the Plumber it is.

Poor Joe…all he did was ask Obamessiah a question, and now he’s under the full scrutiny of the left…and the left-leaning main stream media.

His question was valid…one that a lot of other Americans want a real answer to. And Barry shot himself in the foot with his answer, so now they have taken it upon themselves to dig up any dirt they can find on Joe the Plumber.

What have they come up with so far? Well, for one he owes $1000 in back taxes. Taxes he had NO idea even existed. And second, that he’s not even a real plumber, because he doesn’t have a license! Except…if you work for a company that has a license, you don’t need one. You only need one if you’re in business for yourself. And Joe the Plumber is going to take the exam to become a Master Plumber so he can hopefully have that business he wants some day. And good for him.

Good for him for standing up to BHO, and for not letting the press bully him, and for sticking to what he believes in even after all this scrutiny.

And shame on the left…for attacking the very person they claim to be trying to help. But I guess that only applies if you drink the Kool-Aid and plan to pull the lever for Barry in November.

And here’s a bit of a thought…the media is willing to try to discredit a hard-working plumber just trying to make a living and raise his son…but they won’t even dip into the allegations that Obama has credible ties to Bill Ayers. They won’t go there. They’ll have reporters camp out on Joe the Plumbers lawn, but no one will dare to ask Barry about Ayers. And when’s the last time you saw a reporter going live from in front of Ayers’ house?

Anyone who claims there is no bias really needs a wakeup call…or to have the kool-aid knocked out of their hands. Sometimes tough love is the way to go.

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