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Is fair and honest journalism making a comeback?

October 26, 2008

Kudos to you Barbara West, for not being afraid to ask Biden real questions that deserve honest answers. Of course, if I had been in her place, I wouldn’t have let Biden’s untruthful and misleading answers stand. She should have called him out when he said that the campaign had not given any money to ACORN, when it reality they gave them nearly a million dollars. She also should have challenged him when he said that Obama doesn’t intend to spread the wealth around, even though that is what he has said, and continues to say. There is no denying what Obama’s tax plan will do to this country. Liberals can spin it however they want, but the fact remains, it is redistribution of wealth, a key component of Socialism. The people who make the money and pay taxes in this country are going to be taxed more, in order for Barack Obama and the rest of his liberal pals to decide what to do with it. Well we know what they’re going to do with it…they’re going to continue to further their socialist agenda, and potentially send this country down the path of ruin. Yay for hope and change!

Now the Obama campaign has shunned WFTV, the network that Barbara West works for. They have cancelled interviews that were previously scheduled…all because West asks REAL questions. She was interested in getting answers that mattered, not what Barry was listening to in his iPod that day. They called her “unprofessional” and “combative.”

Barbara West was neither of those things. Biden just couldn’t handle pointed questions. He laughed and thought it was a joke that someone could ask him such questions. Maybe if the majority of the media had put bias aside in this election and covered both campaigns fairly and equally, Joe Biden wouldn’t have sat in a chair, shocked that someone could have the nerve to ask him such questions.

Is this how it’s going to be if they win the White House? Every reporter that asks a question they don’t like, they’re going to shun? Because, that sounds a little bit like some other countries without a free press….communist countries in fact. Countries where the government dictates the news the people hear.

And I thought the bias in the media was scary….can you imagine an Obama administration dictating the news we hear? I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility, at least in some form.

It makes me wonder how much damage he could possibly do to this country if he wins. I know we’ve survived bad presidents before…but what if this is the one who breaks us?

I hope we don’t find out.

~T the D

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