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Obama’s Tax Plan

October 29, 2008

So I was tooling around the internet and noticed an Obama ad that got the better of my curiosity. I clicked it like a fool and was directed to his website where I was instructed to enter my information to see what my tax relief was going to be under his plan, and under John McCain’s plan.

Are you ready for the grand total?

An entire $823…that’s just an estimate of course. They also conveniently informed me that McCain wouldn’t be giving me ANY tax cuts!

Now…if John McCain wants to give EVERYONE a tax cut…how is it that a working person such as my self would received absolutely nothing? I guess The Obamessiah doesn’t have to account for that.

I find it interesting (and more than a little sad) that there are people out there that are going to check Obama’s box on November 4th…all for $823. They’re going to sell their freedom and their rights for $823.

That’s $69 a month…$17 a week….$2 a day…

So I ask…are your freedoms, liberties and rights really worth $2 a day? Because that’s how much you’re selling them for.

I on the other hand realize that those things were never meant to be sold, because they’re priceless. You cannot put a price on the fact that we live in a country where the sky is the limit…where the only real constraints are the ones we put on ourselves.

Our founding fathers realized they had a chance to put a government into place that would provide a stable framework for the country, but that it was the limitation they would place on the government that would allow the country to flourish. They understood that the heart of this country would be kept beating by the people who live here…the everyday people who cling to the idea that if they work, and work hard and don’t give up, they will reap the rewards of that labor.

And now we’re facing an administration that wants to slowly cut the heart out of this country. The rewards for hard work will dwindle. People won’t have a reason to try, and everything that has made this country the best on earth will evaporate. Then we can just take our seat next to a growing list of failures.

But it doesn’t have to happen, and really believe that the American spirit will win out in the end. Even if Barack Obama wins this election, I think people will realize that they don’t want a handout, they want to continue doing what has been making this country amazing. It might just be the wakeup call we need.

So that’s the hope I hold on to. And even when it seems unlikely, I’m always going to believe the American people will do the right thing in the end. Perhaps we’ll take a bit of a detour…but sometimes it’s not HOW you get somewhere…as long as you make it.

~T the D

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