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Another brilliant plan courtesy of BHO

November 3, 2008

Well I suppose this is sort of a continuation of my last post. If you haven’t read it, you should. I think I put into simple terms something that seems to be confusing a lot of people lately.

Either they believe the hype about global warming (or global climate change as they’re know trying to call it) or they just don’t understand the technical side of WHY global warming is not a significant phenomenon on our planet.

The reason I have said all of this is because of what I heard BHO say in this video:

It’s not long, you should watch it if you can. It’s amazing.

Like a lot of other liberals, Barack Hussein Obama “believes” in global warming. He “believes” that it caused by humans and he “believes” that drastic measures need to be taken to reduce our carbon emissions.

One such way that he will do is this to tax the pants right of companies that emit over a certain carbon dioxide level. If you watch the video, he talks very clearly about the coal industry, and coal-fired power plants. They are regarded as “dirty” because of their carbon emissions, and Barack Hussein Obama wants to tax them to such a degree that they will go bankrupt. Watch the video, you can’t deny that he said it.

He then goes on to say that the money he collects from these plants (the ones that will go bankrupt under his tax plan) will be spent to research cleaner ways to produce energy.

How can anyone in their right mind believe that bankrupting a source of energy in order to just do RESEARCH on alternatives is a good idea?

What’s worse is the fact that human beings play a very small role in carbon emissions in the first place. It’s fact, read my last blog. I have sources. Global warming has become a liberal’s wet dream. It’s just another reason for them to new ways to tax people and businesses. I would be willing to be money that a lot of these liberals don’t even “believe” in global warming…all they believe in is taxes, and lots of them.

So I’m just curious if you think energy prices are high now…because with Barry’s current attitude about “dirty” energy sources, you can expect an even bigger rise in energy costs. He’s going to tax business that supply us with energy to heat and cool our homes, and that means our costs will go up. And who knows at what point it will stop. Eventually the average person won’t be able to afford it. And if we can’t afford to pay those energy bills, and the company that supplies us with the energy can’t afford to lower the price, then that’s when we get the big problem. And what are we going to do when all we’ve done is researched alternatives?

I can’t get energy from research. Not unless I burn the paper they used.

Am I going to have to light fires in a trash can in my living room to stay warm in the winter? I guess that’s probably a far-fetched notion, but honestly I could see it happening IF Barry gets to tear this country apart the way he wants too.

That’s the scary part…the unknown. How much is Barry going to be able to do? What will the damage be over the next 4 years?

I’ve already decided to hold every single Obama supporter responsible for the debacle that the next four years is sure to bring.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to be nasty or rude…but I want people to know that I’m not ok with this choice of president. I’m not voting for him. I don’t support him in any way, and frankly I don’t believe I will recognize him as my president. I don’t think I should have to recognize a radical Marxist as the leader of my country.

I don’t know if God cares too much about the outcome of elections…but I know I’m gonna be praying for a miracle before I go to bed tonight.

~T the D

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