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Quotes from the voting line.

November 4, 2008

We have no one else to blame for the state of our nation but ourselves. Endless spending and reaching for things that are truly out of bounds have led us into a slump that may not be the next Great Depression, but it has caused voter stupidity.

The promise of “CHANGE” from an inexperienced socialist senator and a seemingly out of touch POW sparked the notion in some voters that Obama will make them live on easy street. No, I am not making that up. Now, I don’t want to make this a racially charged blog, however, it will be hard not to.

Actual quotes I, and my fellow Dems and Reps heard while standing in the line to vote:

  • “When Obama gets in, we ain’t gonna have to work no more.”
  • “Sorry, I just can’t vote for a potential terrorist.”
  • “McCain probably made up his whole POW story.”
  • “I’d fuck Cindy and Sarah soooo hard, that’s why I’m voting for Papa John.”
  • “Palin probably buddy-buddies with Russians. I don’t want another Cold War with her in the white house.”
  • “So what if we don’t know anything about Obama? He’s Black. I’m Black. It’s that simple.”
  • “Oil is only going to go up if McCain and Palin get into office. Republicans control the price of gas”
  • “Obama won’t last more than six months in office. Someone’s gonna shoot that &@#%!*”

Oh good God!

-Sassy Pants

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