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Race – The Ultimate Decider

November 5, 2008

Why did Obama get elected?

  • Was it because a majority of the voters did their research into his role in the subprime lending clusterfuck? No.
  • Were most voters looking at both candidates with neutrality and decided who had the best plan for our future via their campaign? Nope.
  • Were those in the voting booth aware of how dangerous a socialist is to our capitalistic country? Nada.

Did an inexperienced senator with radical liberal views get elected to run our great nation based largely on the color of his skin? YES!

You can spin it any way your little Democratic heart would like, but I’d bet you every red penny I have left (before BHO decides to “spread it around” to people who don’t even try to take advantage of the same opportunities every other American has to become more than a pathetic statistic) that his race beat out every other reason why Africa American voters penciled in his name on November 4th, 2008.

Is that sad? Yes.

What is also disheartening is the fact that people are not looking at what Obama is actually offering as President. Everyone’s so stuck on “Yay, no more Bush! Now we get change!” Change is not always good, especially when the person making the changes has plans for new spending. Where will the money come for all this new spending and various other socialistic based plans? Out of our fucking pockets!

Do you want to pay for someone’s late abortion because they were irresponsible? You will.

Want socialized health care where good doctors are paid the same as the quacks? You will.

Want to try to start a business but get taxed out the ass if you make over $250,000? Oh, it’s coming buddy!

-Sassy Pants (The last Republican left in the annoyingly Liberal Entertainment Industry)

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  1. TheGigaShadow permalink
    November 5, 2008 6:26 pm

    You have a pile shit where your brain should be. Obama had nothing to do with the sub prime clusterfuck. That would be your guys. is not a socialist.People who think Obama is a socialist should give themselves a home lobotomy. At least you would then have an excuse for being such an ignorant asshole. Your complete lack of understanding of different types of governments is nothing short of shocking. You are so simpleminded I’m surprised your dogs don’t feed you, instead of vise versa. According to your definition of “socialism,” EVERY country on the face of the Earth is socialist. That’s how fucking stupid you are. If you believe “spreading the wealth” is socialism, you just called Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower socialists. You should have a sixth grade civics book crammed up your asshole. You should not be allowed near a ballot.You lost. Suck it.Credit to FTR

  2. T the D permalink
    November 5, 2008 6:44 pm

    The Drunk Elephant laughs hysterically at YOUR lack of understanding…and your complete lack of oratorial eloquence. 1. Obama worked with groups (like ACORN) to BULLY lenders into giving loans to people who didn’t make enough money, or who had poor credit. This type of harrassment on the part of politicians and “community organizers” is EXACTLY what started us down the path that lead to the sub prime mortgage crisis. 2. Obama might not call himself a socialist…but the facts prove otherwise. He believes not only in a progressive tax system, but one in which people who pay nothing at all, will get money from the government. That is a KEY element of socialism. Maybe you should read up a little more on it. 3. No, contrary to the crap you just spewed here, not all countries are socialist. I would concede that perhaps a majority of countries in this world have at least a socialist program or two in place, but that does not make a nation socialist. God forbid that were true…this entire world would be in a pile of trouble. 4. Ronald Reagan was not in favor of “spreading the wealth around.” In fact, when he took office our country was out of control. Inflation was skyrocketing, taxes were at record highs, government was huge, and he brought legitimate and useful change to the White House. He gave people the opportunity to be successful again. No socialist would have done that. Success of the people means death to socialism, because it cannot succeed unless the people NEED the government’s intervention in their lives. And there is a direct negative correlation between the success of a people, and their reliance on their government for the necessities of life. 5. My choice for president sure did lose the election, but I lost nothing. In fact, what you will begin to notice after Barack Hussein Obama takes office, is that the people who voted for him will turn out to the be the real losers. It’s going to be rough for them to take in the fact they were duped. I feel bad for them. 6. You seem like a mean and angry person, and I feel sorry for people like you most of all. Try to have a nice life – you’ve only got the one.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    November 6, 2008 2:00 pm

    Awww, did Gigashadow not do his homework? Maybe you should throw a couple more Suicide Girls links around to make yourself feel like you’re making a point instead of randomly throwing out insults.Why not use that “racist” label, too. Maybe call someone a Nazi, since that always wins internet arguements.Try facts instead, buddy.

  4. November 6, 2008 6:41 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. Did you notice how the race was “Not about race” when it was harmful to Obama’s campaign, and WAS about race when it was helpful?And now the media gets to congratulate itself on how race-unconscious it is? Argh, pass the barf bag – no wait, give me an empty one!

  5. Just a Gurl From Seattle permalink
    November 6, 2008 9:58 pm

    He believes not only in a progressive tax system, but one in which people who pay nothing at all, will get money from the government. That is a KEY element of socialism.This is what socialism is…. and by the way…. Alaska is a PRIME example of socialism….Socialism is when the government OWNS the industry…..also if you LOVE Palin so much, How is it that you hate Government giving money to the people… that is what Alaska does via Oil and Gas windfall tax…. the people in Alaska all get a couple thousand dollars a year from the government of Alaska for the OIL…..That is SOCIALISM!!!!!! TRUE socialism….so is the federal government buying of bank assets…progressive tax is NOT socialism…YOU really should get an education…..But what can you expect from a Texan…..Do you really think Warren Buffet would support a socialist?????By the way… I live in Sweden, and we enjoy a MUCH better standard of living….. EVERYONE here does…So REALLY now…. why don’t you spell it out and FRAME what you think would be a PERFECT Republican government…. what kind of tax and laws and programs would make for a perfect America to you?????Ignorance is NOT Bliss it is just a Texas way…XOXOX…Just a Gurl From Seattle, Living in Sweden…..

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