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Sarah Palin…a beacon for a broken party

November 6, 2008

I was not at all thrilled about the decision to bring Sarah Palin onto the McCain ticket. I had never even heard of the woman before. Who was she, and why in the heck would they choose her?

And then I listened to her speak and I learned about her life, and I realized I had judged her without even knowing a thing about her.

She’s the kind of conservative I am…a REAL one. She doesn’t engage in the “reaching across the aisle” crap that others are doing. She knows that to remain true to her political views, she has to buck the inclination to move to the center. A true conservative knows that you don’t move to the center in order to be a better conservative…because you lose a piece of your true goal when you do that.

It’s hard to listen and read about the things that are being said about Sarah Palin right now…and it’s even more difficult to deal with the fact that they’re coming from within the Republican party. I wasn’t surprised when the media and liberals went after her. They had to do it, because she is the very antithesis of everything they stand for. Her life is a true testament to the conservative ideal, and they couldn’t handle it. Moreover, they couldn’t handle the fact that she was SUCCESSFUL. Feminists were squirming in their seats, because how could this be? A woman would didn’t have to sacrifice her kids for her job, or vice versa? Unimaginable. I believe she’s the very essence of what is right in this world. She’s an everyday person with an extraordinary job. And she knows it…she respects it…and she respects the people she works for. I was hoping that she’d end up working for me…but I guess Alaskans will get to keep her to themselves for right now.

The fact that Republicans are now trying to lay the blame (no matter how subtly) on Sarah Palin is a disgrace. The media is reporting on rumors and statements from unnamed sources. There is no concrete evidence to suggest any of it is true. They’re throwing her under the bus so their failures will be ignored. It’s shameful.

Instead of pointing the finger at Sarah, they need to take a good hard look in the mirror, because it is the people saying these things that are to blame. It’s the conservative that is only conservative in name that is the problem. The ones who thought they could win an election by pandering to the middle…and even the left. They abandoned their own party to move in the wrong direction. That wasn’t Sarah Palin’s fault. In fact, it might have just been her brand of true conservatism that kept us from losing more states than we did on election day.

I sincerely hope that we see more of Sarah Palin in the coming years. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see her spring up in a couple of years, and then make a run for the White House. I’d vote for her in a heart beat. I believe she has what it takes to win people over and make them excited about conservative ideals again. I believe she’ll weather the attacks on her by her own party just the way she did when it was coming from the left: with grace, dignity and a sense of humor.

She’ll come out ahead, while these pseudo-conservatives will find themselves scrambling just to keep up.

The political climate has shifted in this country. Conservatives realize they have been let down, and they’re going to be looking for a real leader. I believe Sarah Palin can be a part of that, in some way.

~T the D

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  1. November 6, 2008 6:46 pm

    Sarah Palin got a royal butt-screw from the press; her portrayal as a gun-totin’, know-nothing baby-factory moved in inverse proportion to the media’s depiction of Obama as a saint who carries the ability to cure the sick and stop the oceans’ rise.I, too, thought she was a terrific pick, and I’d love to see her move on to higher office, but I’m afraid that the negative pall cast on her by the media will never go away – people are *still* citing the Katie Couric interview as the one and only appearance of Sarah Palin in all recorded history.She’ll face a very steep uphill climb, no matter what she chooses to do.

  2. November 6, 2008 7:37 pm

    Thank you for a very thoughtful response.I get that you like her kind of conservatism, and I respect that. I was raised conservative, and have sympathies for many of its ideals. Some of the things Palin believes I agree with. And while I’d disagree with others, I think we can continue to hash out conservative values vs. liberal values in the public square and make informed decisions about policy. (You’ve probably already branded me a traitor. And just in case you haven’t yet…)I have serious concerns about Palin’s political aspirations, however. Palin is not the answer for the conservative movement. It’s naive to ignore the simple fact that she was the biggest drag on the ticket according to polls — bigger than Bush! You can complain that the media talked about those polls too much, but you can’t blame the media for what almost two-thirds of the country said they believe. You can’t call these polls biased. I imagine you will explain away all of her missteps — can’t name a supreme court decision (Couric), thinks “Bush Doctrine” means his worldview (Gibson), doesn’t know which nations are in NAFTA (McCain aides), thinks Africa is a country (and South Africa is its southern region), etc. — by citing a liberal media bias. These examples are not like misspelling “potato” or memory slips or the like. These are enormous gaps in information and they were broadcast for the world to see. “Media bias” doesn’t excuse Palin’s ignorance. (Note: I didn’t say “stupidity,” and I’m not criticizing her because she’s “successful” or a mother or any of the reasons you cited.) Moreover, now that you have to include in that “media bias” Fox News for reporting the story, as well as McCain/Palin aides themselves, you’ve effectively removed from the discussion everyone who has actual contact with Palin, claiming that they all have some agenda that obscures the real truth. That kind of ideological retreat is not productive, and it helps people who are already skeptical of extreme right-wing adherents to write you and all the other conspiracy theorists off more easily. Palin is vastly uninformed and demonstrated it when she was on camera (and off script). You can still agree with her ideas, but I don’t think you can argue that she is informed enough to be in national politics. Palin had her chance to impress the country, and only impressed those already committed to the Republican side; she should keep up her good work in Alaska. I think the Republican party deserves a more educated and articulate spokesperson (with conservative ideals) or they will suffer the same fate in 2012.

  3. T the D permalink
    November 6, 2008 8:43 pm

    First, I must respectfully take issue with the assumption that I am a conspiracy theorist. I am not. I state facts as I see them, while more than occassionally throwing some sarcasm into the mix. Now on to the real issue. I’m not sure what polls you’re speaking of, but I do know that Sarah Palin actually energized the conservative base, which is exactly what we needed. Unfortunately she wasn’t enough. And I do believe that the media played a huge role in diminishing her accomplishments – making her out to just be a back woods ditz who woke up one day and decided she’d take a stab at becoming the VP. Nothing could be further from the truth.She didn’t get where she is on accident, and certainly if she’s as ignorant about the world as everyone claims, then how DID she obtain the success that she has? No one wants to give her the credit she deserves. Everyone wants to site a few interviews that were obviously biased, in which they asked her questions that even more seasoned politicians would have trouble with. They set her up for a fail, and even then she came through it ok. Meanwhile, Obama and Biden (on the rare occassions they let him out of his cage) are asked irrelevant questions, the sort you might expect from an 8th grader.Anyone who doesn’t think the media is biased needs a serious wakeup call. As for the McCain aids…there aren’t even any names being mentioned, which is cause for concern. Like I said, she’s being made to the blame for the failure of the rest of the conservatives to ensure a win for McCain. That doesn’t say anything about Sarah Palin, but it speaks volumes about some of the conservatives we’ve got working in government today. It’s sickening, and if it doesn’t change I won’t continue to call myself a republican. If someone can give me clear proof that Sarah Palin did and/or said even half of the things they’re charging she did, I will concede that she has a lot to learn. But until then, I will continue to have her back. Sometimes us conservative ladies have to stick together.I will continue to believe in Sarah Palin and her ability to rise to even greater heights within this country. In 16 years she has managed to find her way into the Governor’s office in Alaska – taking on corruption and winning. And she did it all without compromising her values, her ideals, or her dedication to her family.She’s a testament to the American dream, and I believe she represents REAL hope and REAL change. She has proven it, and the people who get it are behind her 100%~T the D

  4. November 6, 2008 10:55 pm

    I certainly agree that all media is biased. My point was that when the entire media, left and right, is against you, you have to start wondering who has shifted away from reality, you or them. (I’m not calling you a conspiracy theorist, but to most who aren’t hardcore Republicans, the endless “liberal media” theories look like a handy way to never have to believe anything you don’t want to believe; if you don’t like it, call it media bias and ignore it.)My next question would have been “Could anything convince you that you’re wrong about Palin?” But you’ve already shown that you are rational, thoughtful person by saying “if someone can give me clear proof…then I will concede that she has a lot to learn.” That’s fair enough. But you’ll only hear about it through the media, which you don’t trust. Just something to think about. (For example, someone could say “She told me she thought Africa was a country” and you could still accuse them of backstabbing and having ulterior motives and dismiss them as a liar.)Anyway, I actually do have respect for what Palin has done in Alaska. She was plucked out of that position and asked to do something she was not equipped to do — discuss complicated national policies and world events. It wasn’t fair to her. Considering everything, she could’ve done a lot worse. I just think McCain’s Palin experiment made it abundantly evident that she’s gifted, but not president material. Last thing: From my vantage point, rallying the Republican base is no longer the way to win a national election. One man’s opinion.Thanks for you blog.Kyle

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