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Thank you President Bush

November 10, 2008

Today on my lunch hour I was driving along and noticed a sign in someone’s yard that said “Thank you President Bush.”

I echo that sentiment.

It saddens me that, at least in the immediate future, President Bush’s legacy will be the “failure” in Iraq.

I have faith that as the years go on, many will realize that he was a president (despite some faults) who loved this country, and who was willing to face the harshest of criticism in order to keep us all safe.

And I honestly mean this…if by some off chance that Barack Obama can end his term as president having shown that much resolve and love for his country, then I will thank him too.

But at this time I don’t see that happening, because Barack Obama doesn’t love our country as it stands today. He sees us as broken, and his politics are the answer. He believes we live in dark times, and he can show us the light.

But I have news for him…this country has been shining brightly ever since our founding fathers decided to take a stand against tyranny. The resolve of the American people has always stood firm. Our willingness to work hard and make this country the greatest on earth is truly astonishing. Our acceptance of every faith, color, nationality or gender is unparalleled.

We live in an amazing country, right now. We don’t need to wait a single year, month, day or minute for our country to shine bright.

Barack Obama made quite a production of “Yes We Can.”

Well I have news for him…our country has been silently chanting “YES WE DID” for over 2 hundred years. Too little too late President-Elect Obama.

~T the D

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