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And I thought Mormonism couldn’t get any weirder…

November 11, 2008

Ok, so I know some Mormons. I’ve read about Mormonism, and the religion is just plain weird.

And before someone calls me a bigot again (thanks for your kindness Carol), let me say that I’m not holding it against anyone. I’m sure there are lots of people who wonder why traditional Christianity is so weird too. Have you seen some of the crap Christians do these days? I have to laugh at it…and I’m ONE of them!

Anyway, Sassy Pants brought this news story to my attention. Mormons have a practice where they posthumously baptize the ancestors of church members…regardless of whether they ever even knew what a Mormon was in the first place. Well now Jewish leaders are in an uproar about it, because the Mormons have been posthumously baptizing Jewish people.

At first I thought…what’s the big deal? Are they REALLY hurting something if this is what they want to practice? The people are dead…and I seriously doubt God has a form in Heaven where he checks off a box next to “Jew” “Christian” “Mormon” or “Muslim.”

But then I thought some more (dangerous, I know). What if were one of my ancestors? What if leaders of another faith that didn’t even resemble mine were baptizing my family into the religion? Would I feel like they were stealing a part of my history?

I think I probably would, so I can see why many of the Jewish people want this to stop. But can you tell the Mormons to stop? Probably not. Should they re-examine this practice out of respect for the dead who led a faithful life dedicated to another religion? Probably.

I’m pretty open on this issue. Anyone have another perspective? Maybe a Mormon or a Jew out there who has a comment?

I’d love to hear them.

~T the D

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