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What ARE you complaing about?

November 12, 2008

Women don’t know how good they’ve got it in this country.

We’ve got women in the United States whining about equal pay and the right to choose and sexual harassment, or whatever else pops up as the cause of the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, I think those are all important, debatable issues…but they are nothing compared to what women in some parts of the world are facing.

Take this news story that I read over at The Jawa Report for example. A TEN YEAR OLD GIRL was given up by her parents to a 30 year old man in Yemen. He promised to wait until she was older to be intimate, but instead he raped and beat her. This CHILD took a stand against the treatment and demanded a divorce from her husband, and she got it. It was the first time the Yemen government had ever granted a divorce to a child bride.

Now THAT is a true triumph.

So the next time you complain because you think your boss didn’t give you that promotion because you’re a woman or because the country isn’t accommodating enough to working mothers, or because you’re tired of doing the “woman’s” chores around the house – think about what some women and girls are facing out there.

~T the D

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