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One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Four

November 13, 2008

One of my biggest concerns after the outcome of the election is whether or not our country has gone so far left that it won’t be going back. It’s actually a scary thought, because if that’s the case, the face of our country will have forever been changed by this one election.

Did all of those voters actually agree with Barack Hussein Obama’s policies? Or were a good portion of them just fed up with a party that decided to check conservatism at the door?

I’m inclined to believe that people began to feel abandoned by the Republican party. Too many politicians have been operating under the assumption that if you get closer to the middle (and more and more liberal) that you have a better chance of catching some votes.

But that doesn’t compute for me. If you’re a liberal, you already HAVE a party, the Democrats. Are those people REALLY going to be impressed because you’re a liberal Republican? I don’t think so. Maybe you’ll win a few, but in the process you’ve alienated all the conservatives that you left behind.

I truly believe that when real conservative politicians stand up and provide us with a leader, people will follow. Liberals found a leader in Barack Hussein Obama, so they voted for him. Conservatives couldn’t find that leader in John McCain, so they voted for an independent, or they voted for Barack Hussein Obama in protest, or they just simply stayed home.

I believe our country is still center-right. It’s not based on any polls or scientific evidence, it’s just my gut feeling. I think conservatism is the common-sense choice, therefore more people adhere to those ideals.

But we need people in the government to represent us. I think it will happen. We’re facing an uncertain time with a president that I don’t think has any clue how to run a country effectively. We might just find that Barack Hussein Obama isn’t the liberal-darling that everyone believes he is – but will actually become the catalyst that brings about real conservative change in this country.

I suppose I’ll have to thank him for that when the time comes.

~T the D

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  1. Christopher Wiseman permalink
    November 14, 2008 12:05 am

    The cause of the revolution was in doubt and hung in the balance many many times. I cannot believe that the same American spirit despite years of being beat down doesn’t still exist.

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