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One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Three

November 14, 2008

We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. – Winston Churchill

I saw that in a forum today and thought it was quite appropriate given the policies of our president-elect.

I also came across this article which I was thought was really good.

It’s 15 questions for anyone who believes the Republicans need to migrate to the middle.

I vehemently oppose the idea that we need to move to the middle, and these questions really could be an eye opener for anyone who believes we should.

Here are some of the questions:

#1) If both the GOP and the Democrats support bigger government, how does the country survive long term given the size of the debt we already have and the deficits we’re running right now? In other words, how can running massive deficits possibly be sustainable over the long haul? Well…I suppose the answer would be higher taxes, and the tendency to move closer and closer to full-blown Socialism. Any self-respecting Republican should be ashamed for supporting such an idea.

#3) If the GOP becomes a big government party, how do you see us differentiating ourselves from the Democratic Party? Do we spend almost as much as they do, but not quite as much? Do we spend even more? Do we favor deficit spending, but just on different things? Isn’t there a real danger that Democrats — since their base tends to generally be OK with excessive spending — could simply outbid us on anything we offered to the American people? The author raises an excellent point here…you cannot call yourself a Republican and outdo the Democrats. They WILL outspend you, and no one will be impressed with your liberal-lite policies.

#9) Setting aside the conservative media, obviously the conservative movement is lacking energy and passion right now. Many people, myself included, would say that this has a lot to do with the position that the GOP has been taking on immigration and spending issues. How does the GOP get conservatives supporting the GOP again, instead of just opposing the Democrats, if the party continues to pursue big government policies and amnesty? Another excellent point. And I would say conservatives are tired in GENERAL the position that many Republicans are taking, not just in immigration and spending. Conservatives are fed up, and they aren’t going to rally around a party that won’t represent them. Republicans should come back to their base, and leave the crappy moderate politics where it belongs.

I think every Republican politician in this country should have to answer the 15 questions laid out in that article. Their answers will provide proof of who they really represent.

~T the D

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