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Byron Dorgan…another hypocritical Democrat

November 16, 2008

Byron Dorgan, Senator from North Dakota is a giant hypocrite.

He must have thought it sounded sweet when he said “We’ve had far too much partisanship in Washington.”

But then went on Fox News to tell the American people that Joe Lieberman’s actions during this past election were “unacceptable.”

ALL because Joe Lieberman opted to put partisanship aside and endorse John McCain for president.

This didn’t make Joe Lieberman a conservative, it just made him smart enough to realize that Barack Hussein Obama was a bad choice. Kudos to Joe Lieberman for not tucking his sack back and letting the rest of his liberals buddies bully him into supporting The Obamessiah.

So I guess when Byron Dorgan said that we’ve had too much partisanship, he considered such a notion a one-way street. Or perhaps a door that only swings one way…and God-forbid a liberal try to bust through it.

Shame on Byron Dorgan for being such a mass of hypocritical liberalism.

~T the D

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