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I hate Brooke Burke…

November 17, 2008

And her perky breasts and smokin‘ hot legs.

Ok…I don’t really hate her. But I’m watching Dancing with the Stars…and she’s so freaking good it makes me jealous.

I think I’m a good dancer…when I’m alone and I put on some Footloose and let the music move me. Yeah…you know what I’m talking about.

I’m totally ADHD today or something…

I was reading an article over at The Hill about the uprising of conservative bloggers. Of course I had to read…because well, I am a conservative blogger. I don’t pretend I’m as profound or informative as some out there, but I do feel I do my little part.

There was from a blogger over at the Daily Kos (blah): “The conservative bloggers’ efforts might grow into something more meaningful over time, but as of right now, all I see is a lot of chatter.”

That is a stereotype about conservatives that I refuse to perpetuate. I said after the election that I was not content to sit on the sidelines, and that I intended to get out from behind my blog, and I urged others to do the same.

When I wrote that, I sort of feared they would turn into empty words…that I wouldn’t follow through, but I have found that my resolve to make a difference isn’t waning. After this election, I felt like I hadn’t done enough…I KNEW that I could have done more. My actions might not have made a difference alone…but if I had given my all…and so had you…and every other conservative out there, then MAYBE it would have been different.

I refuse to feel that way again. I will know from now on that I personally did my part. And I’ll make it my mission to help other people give their all too.

~T the D

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