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Wah wah wah….and THAT is why I’m buying a Toyota…

November 19, 2008

I’m almost ashamed of my Dodge.

American auto maker need a wake-up call…not a bailout.

Some flew to Washington in their PRIVATE JETS to beg…I mean lobby for money so they don’t have to file for bankruptcy protection.

Why should we have to bail this industry out? Even if the entire American auto industry collapsed (which I don’t believe it will), will that devastate America? No, it won’t. Will people lose their jobs? Yes, they will. Will certain areas of the country face hardships that others won’t? Certainly. BUT…wait for the coldheartedness…that isn’t MY problem. And it isn’t yours either. Do I feel bad for people who lose their jobs? Heck yes I do, it’s an awful experience. But it’s life. If you work for a company that cannot pull it together and keep the company running, then chances are your job is in trouble.

American auto makers need to pull it together. They need to figure out what they need to do to stay in business. If that means layoffs, then so be it. If it means fewer bonuses for executives, then so be it. If it means re-investing profits to update factories and research newer and better technologies, then so be it.

If they can give the American people automobiles that compete with their foreign counterparts, ones that are built well and that people are attracted to, they really aren’t going to have much of a problem.

In the meantime, people are going to continue to buy what they feel is quality…what they feel is better bang for their buck. And if American auto makers want to compete, they better find a way to tap into that, and stop begging for my money.

Of course…this entire debacle has left quite a bad taste in my mouth. I might be buying Toyotas from now on anyway.

~T the D

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