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Do you know where your rights are?

November 23, 2008

It seems to me like it’s becoming harder to figure it out.

I found this article quite interesting.

Much is always made of how the conservatives are infringing upon your rights. But where is the proof of that?

Is it conservatives who want to force you to wear a seat belt, or wear a bicycle helmet, or stop you from smoking where you want, or force you to give your child a vaccine, or limit your gun ownership or stop you from saying a prayer with the sports team you coach, or place usurious taxes on you because you buy gas, cigarettes, or want to start a business that exceed what the government feels is an acceptable carbon emission?

And the list goes on and on. Famously we conservatives are lambasted for wanting restrictions on abortion (which in reality is the legalized murder of unborn children) or because the majority of us want to express our Christian religious beliefs. But God forbid we want to do that…it might offend someone.

When will people wake up and realize who is REALLY infringing upon their rights? Look to nearly every single liberal politician in this country, and you will find someone who doesn’t think YOU know how to live your life right. They think YOU need intervention from the government. They try to wrap it up in a pretty little package so you’ll buy it. And you did…the majority of the country just bought a bunch of crap wrapped up in a cute little box.

I just wonder what it feels like to know that you sold your freedoms to the highest bidder…and for what? Who’s better off because of it?

~T the D

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