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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

Well the day is almost over…and as always, it has been interesting!

First, I’m pretty sure a devil child at the pancake house put a curse on me…I’ll let you know if my hair starts to fall out or anything.

Second, I had an interesting encounter with a practically blind man at the Kroger…ok…he wasn’t blind…he just didn’t have his glasses and if he didn’t get home with some ginger PRONTO his ass was grass. So, being the nice person I am, I stood in the spice aisle with him and acted as his eyes until I spotted the ginger. Pumpkin pie disaster averted!

Third, I ate dinner with my family…which is always amusing. At least no one farted this year. But there were plenty of “That’s what she said” jokes to go around…even my mom got in on the action! Although…we’re still debating if the comment “stop rubbing your cone on me” is an acceptable prelude to a That’s What She Said Joke…but we’ll let it slide for mom.

Fourth, the family dog has to wear a cone so she doesn’t chew her leg off…and we threw turkey down in it and then laughed while we watched her try to eat it. We’re bastards…

Fifth, I had a moment today when I was driving down the road…a peaceful Christmas song was playing on the radio, and I looked over to see a deer standing in a field and it was just a sickeningly beautiful moment and I thought “Gosh….I sure am a blessed person.” And it made me incredibly thankful for my life and everyone in it.

I hope you all feel the same way. Happy Thanksgiving!

~T the D

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  1. Throwing Stones permalink
    November 28, 2008 12:57 pm

    Back atcha

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