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Black Friday Adventures

November 29, 2008

Well…I did it. I joined the ranks of all the other insane holiday shoppers out there who are willing to stand outside in the freezing cold waiting for a store to open just so they can get something 50% off.

It was quite an experience, indeed.

I didn’t even go to bed on Thursday. We decided it was pointless, and that being deliriously tired might actually work in our favor…it lowers the inhibitions.

So we left the house at 3:30am and stopped by 7-11 for some coffee. I was looking like a hot mess…but realized that compared to SOME of the people out that day, I was actually looking pretty good.

Our first shopping stop was Kohl’s…we were 15 minutes early and there was a line around the store. At this point I was fully considering faking the plague or something so I could just go home…but I put my mittens on, grabbed my coffee, and got in line. Inside the store it was every bit as insane as I had imagined. I officially have new found respect for just how busy stores ARE NOT most of the time. No longer will I have murderous thoughts at a Target on a normal Saturday afternoon.

Our second stop was Meijer…the only thing I wanted was a new Christmas tree. I was gleeful when the tree I THOUGHT was $50 rang up as $35. I told the cashier that he made my day…and I might have offered to bear his children. But I’m not quite sure.

Foolishly, we then decided to head over to Wal-Mart….and never even made it into the store. There was literally not a spot to be had in that parking lot. And I’m one to believe, if there are no parking spots, that’s my cue to leave.

Then we headed over to Menards (it wasn’t even 5 yet) and there was a line waiting for the store to open. So we fell in line and huddled together for warmth. And then…someone got hit by a car. Seriously…I’m standing there, teeth chattering, looking around, and a car turns right into this guy. Lucky for him, he appeared to have pretty swift reflexes and jumped enough out of the way to only get clipped. The car never even stopped. I guess the deals were so good they were blinding…I’m just glad it wasn’t ME they hit. People don’t understand my wrath when I’m running on little or no sleep. I know how to smack a bitch up. Of course, I forgot about all of this when I actually got INTO the Menards and started to shop. Deals completely trump witnessing near-death experiences.

After Menards we headed to Target, and I think we were starting fade. Exhaustion was setting in, and neither of us had consumed food for a while. I got my DVD player (cause I realized I really should be able to watch movies while in bed) and headed out.

And then….there was KMART. Let me officially inform everyone, that I have no intention of ever setting foot inside of a Kmart EVER AGAIN….at least not THAT one. I have never experienced a more inept, rude, and just generally unpleasant group of people in my entire life…and that was just the cashiers! It’s really no wonder that entire franchise isn’t doing well. Who wants to shop at a place like that? No deal is worth enduring that.

Thankfully, Kmart was our last stop! We went across the street for breakfast, stuffed ourselves, came home, and got in bed!

And best of all…I didn’t even break the bank!

I feel like a Black Friday pro now…next year maybe I’ll try to tackle Best Buy…

~T the D

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  1. DD2 aka Debonair Dude permalink
    November 30, 2008 12:24 pm

    And just to think, I watched football until it was time to eat.

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