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About my back…

December 4, 2008

Well, while I’m up from the couch and away from my heating pad let me tell you about my little problem.

Yesterday I bent over to pick up my purse (or sometimes referred to as “the luggage bag”) and was greeted with a rather unpleasant surprise on my way back up…I felt something pull…then something get tight…and then I actually yelped. Yes…it really was a yelp.

I knew I’d done something bad…but I thought if I just got some advil and rested on the heating pad I’d be A-OK by morning…boy was I WRONG!

Listen…this might be a little graphic…but I actually couldn’t wipe myself this morning. It was already hard enough getting out of the bed and to the toilet…but it was just completely demoralizing to realize I didn’t have the range of mobility to get a piece of toilet paper down there. That MIGHT have been when I burst into tears…but I’m not officially admitting to that. But don’t you worry…I’m not the kind of girl who is going to go around un-wiped. I bit a hole in my lower lip and forced the issue until I got the desire result. I might never physically be the same…but at least I don’t ever have to say that I went without wiping. I mean…it was either that or scooting around on the area rug like a dog…and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t going there.

So after that incident I decided it would probably be a good idea to call up my doc and make an appointment. God forbid I ever have another wiping incident in my lifetime. I got in there and he made me get on this table and he made my legs move in ways I don’t ever want them to move again. I asked him if I at least get dinner afterward, and he said no, but he did have a prescription for muscle relaxers with my name all over…and I said “SOLD!” Then the nurse came in to give me an ultrasound…which I had no idea could be used as a treatment for anything. She made it sound scary…telling me to let her know when it becomes uncomfortable. Not IF…WHEN. Well not surprisingly, I thought it actually felt good…leave it to me to like something that’s supposed to be uncomfortable. I kind of want to go back for another one. They even warmed the gel up for me. They’re quite courteous.

That’s really it. I’m still in pain, and I don’t know why I’m up off the couch. I just can’t stay away from the computer. I’m a frigging addict.

~T the D

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