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Center for Constitutional Rights

December 4, 2008

First, let me say that when at all possible, do online research after having taken a muscle relaxer.

It’s a WHOLE new experience. I don’t even know how I’m typing right now.

I did some reading on a group called the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Here is how they feel about the war on terrorism:

“If the U.S. government truly wants its people to be safer and wants terrorist threats to diminish, it must make fundamental changes in its foreign policies … particularly its unqualified support for Israel, and its embargo of Iraq, its bombing of Afghanistan, and its actions in Saudi Arabia. [These] continue to anger people throughout the region, and to fertilize the ground where terrorists of the future will take root.”

That’s a quote from their president, Michael Ratner. He also went on to say that as an alternative to war “treat the attacks on September 11 as a crime against humanity, establish a UN tribunal, extradite the suspects, or if that fails, capture them with a UN force, and try them.”

They are a ridiculous group of people who spread lies about the United States…mainly that our constitutional rights are being taken away from us, when anyone with half a brain can clearly see that they are not.

Who of you out there feels that even one of their rights has been taken away? I can’t think of one.

~T the D

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