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Don’t have a baby unless its perfect…ok?

December 6, 2008

If you can handle the ridiculousness of it, go ahead and read this “article” – if you can even call it that.

If you decide not to read it, let me give you a synopsis: People with Down’s Syndrome are less worthy to live than you or me, and we should prevent them from entering our world whenever possible. Oh, that goes for anyone with other forms of mental retardation as well. God it?

Now let me run down a list of the problems I found:

1. People with Down’s suffer – have you ever seen a person with Down’s Syndrome suffering? Granted, it’s not like I see someone with the disorder everyday….but I just so happened to see a little girl at CVS who had it…and never have I seen a happier little child. If that’s suffering, sign me up bitches. Get me that extra chromosome.

2. Down’s Syndrome makes life more difficult – well, who’s to say that’s true?. Aren’t we all born into a world where challenges we befall all of us? Should these particular people have their chance at life ripped away from them simply because they might have more challenges than I do? What if we advance to such a degree that we will be able to give parents a host of problems that will surface after their child is born? And then give them the option of getting rid of the child so they can try for a better one? Have you ever seen the movie Gattaca? It’s pretty good…and it profiles a society where only the genetically perfect get chances in life. I’m not so sure that sounds like a good idea.

3. People with Down’s Syndrome require a lot of attentionok…so what? If parents love their child enough to give up major portions of their lives….then why do you care? Is it hurting you if a parent raises a child who needs more attention than the average one? Or that they may never be able to fully stop caring for their child, even after he or she grows up? That’s not a bad thing – it’s a commendable thing. In a world where we find parents killing their own children, neglecting them, molesting them….shouldn’t it be heartwarming to know that there are people out there who go to the other extreme?

4. If left unchecked, people with Down’s Syndrome will begin to overpopulate earth – wow…way to make these people sound like an overpopulation of fire ants or something. They are human beings for God’s sake…and even aside from that, they are NEVER going to even come close to populating the earth in the ways the author suggests. First of all, Down’s Syndrome only happens in about 1 out of 800 live births in the United States. So for every child born with it, there are 799 who aren’t. The author also suggest that people with Down’s Syndrome will reproduce amongst themselves, adding to the number of people with Down’s Syndrome because a baby born to a person with Down’s has a higher risk of getting the disorder. But how often does that happen? I don’t have any hard statistics, but common sense tells me that it’s not a lot. Certainly not enough that there is going to some Down’s Syndrome boom in our country. I find this to be the most ridiculous notion in the entire article.

5. If conservatives (like Sarah Palin) get their way, we’ll have EVEN more Down’s Syndrome babies because no one will be able to get abortions – this also ties into #4. It was one way the author explained how the Down’s Syndrome population would overtake us. But logic was completely lost in the midst of this argument. If abortion were to be limited (which I think it should) then yes, I’m sure more people with Down’s would be born. BUT…so would other babies, ones without the disorder. The only way that argument flies, is if the only babies being aborted in this country are ones with Down’s…and that is obviously not the case. I guess logic was too much work in this case.

6. The author cites a court cases from the 1920’s in which a conservative judge orders a mentally challenged woman to be sterilized – The comments given by the judge are not ones that I agree with…but the 1920’s were different times, and that must be taken into consideration. The medical advancements were not yet in place to help us understand exactly what was going on with these people who had mental disabilities. The actions against the people during that period of history is egregious, but people were doing what they thought was right at the time. Thank God we know better now. So the argument that we once tried to sterilize the people is not a good argument for why we shouldn’t even let them be born today. Try again.

After having said all of that….I must tell you how appalled I am that someone actually thinks the way this person does. All you have to do is look into the eyes of little girls like the one I saw the other day to realize that we’re doing ourselves no favors by eliminating life before it has a chance….even if that life isn’t the way YOU think it should be. I can tell you with complete conviction that if I were ever to find out that I was carrying a child that a serious problem, it would never even enter my mind to end that life. And it’s not a religious things – I just happen to believe in the right to life – the right to give life a chance, even if it’s not what you expected.

We have people in this world who fight for the rights of animals…for the rights of trees…for the rights of WATER….but fighting for the rights of new human life just some how doesn’t fit in.

How can that be?

~T the D

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