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Trooper Sheldon Robinson

December 8, 2008

Not only does the dude have a kick-ass name, he’s a true American Hero.

You can read the story here. I discovered this story when I was reading Gina Cobb’s blog. I haven’t seen any major news on this story. I even did a google search for it, and came up with nothing. Who knows…maybe my search skills are off today. But it seems like this is the kind of story people would want to hear about…yet it gets no attention.

When an Oklahoma trooper walks into a freaking Burger King and thwarts a potential terrorist attack, I think we need to know about it. The guy had a gun, ammo, and was praying to Allah before probably killing everyone in the restaurant and himself. And if he didn’t get anyone in that particular establishment, he probably would have moved on to another.

Sheldon Robinson saved a lot of lives.

~T the D

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