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Some music really is torture…

December 10, 2008

So why not put it to good use?

I guess SOME people don’t see it that way though. Like a guitarist for Rage Against the Machine…come on dude…your music sucked balls…it always did…and if it’ll drive a terrorist crazy, then SO BE IT.

Why are so many people against music as an interrogation tactic? They’re only using music that is readily available…you can go down to any Best Buy and pick it up. Why is it ok for me to hear it on the radio…but if you use it to get answers out of a terrorist, it is suddenly torture?

If I have to live through hearing that crap on the radio…then so should a dirty terrorist.

And if he’s not happy after hearing Christina’s Aguilera’s Greatest hits a few hundred times…then maybe you should start playing him some Fergie….see how he takes to that.

~T the D

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