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Down with feminism!

December 13, 2008

I’ve probably used that title before…oh well!

I hate feminism…with a passion. There are also a few feminists I hate as well…but mostly I just hate the idea.

I hate that certain of my fellow women have placed such harsh guidelines on our sex that they’ve made it impossible for a woman to just live. She has to prove herself. But I ask…who do I have to prove myself to?

To another woman? No thank you. I don’t seek approval from anyone. Not a man, and certainly not an other woman.

If my life doesn’t seem feministic enough for you, stop looking. Or, maybe if you look long enough, you’ll realize that my life IS what being a woman is all about. Just like thousands of other women out there. And I didn’t have to live up to anyone’s standard but my own to get here either.

And this guy’s got some good points…plus a kick ass accent to boot:

~T the D

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