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Ok, seriously…

December 13, 2008

I cut my finger yesterday on a piece of cardboard and it’s one of those cuts that’s in just the right spot so whenever I move my finger it hurts. I’m constantly accidentally rubbing it on something or wacking it into a wall. And it’s also in the sort of spot that a bandaid doesn’t like to stick.


And while I’m complaining…I ventured to the mall today…which I don’t generally like on a normal day…so you can only imagine what it was like this close to Christmas. I was shoved out of the way on more than a few occasions, and I’m pretty sure a small piece of my soul died. (f.y.i. – every keystroke I make it hurting this damn finger!). I braved ALL of that only to realize the story I REALLY wanted to go into isn’t accessible from INSIDE the mall. Oh lordy…

But the good news is, I got everything I needed AND I didn’t attempt murder. That’s what I call a success.

Oh…and when I got back home (hallelujah) I left my phone in the car. I didn’t realize it until I was in my comfy “I’m not leaving the house again tonight” clothes…so I decided to slip on some shoes and just run out to my car in the freezing weather….well…I tripped over a piece of my gutter and went flying across my driveway. No worries…the only thing that was harmed was my pride.

It has been an interesting day.

~T the D

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