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Please…take your lawyer off speed dial

December 16, 2008

I think you can tell a lot by a person by how willing they are to take someone to court….

Ok, so something you don’t like happened to you…big woop. That happens to me every freaking day – and my first thought is NOT to haul someone into court so I can find “justice.”

It’s especially frustrating that people feel the need to take their doctors to court everytime something goes wrong…because I’ve got news for you…doctors are HUMAN…they’re going to make mistakes. But they’re our best option for staying healthy, so we go to them anyway, hoping we have found a good one. But even a good one can make a mistake. That is NOT a reason to ruin his or her career, and contribute to one of the causes of rising healthcare costs.

I understand legitimate lawsuits…I’d bring one against someone if they deserved it…but a lot of people don’t. It’s just a way for angry and bitter people to get their revenge.

And that’s sad.

~T the D

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