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Dipsticks…dipsticks everywhere!

December 17, 2008

Dipstick seems like a good insult today…I’m trying to stay away from terms such as “fuckwad” “dickface” and “douchesack.” Apparently those tend offend just a bit more than the relatively benign “dipstick.”

I saw one such dipstick on O’Reilly last night. Granted, I had just taken a load of medicine and was half asleep…so I really could have been watching Cartoon Network and not realized it…but I’m fairly certain it was O’Reilly and his dipstick of the day.

The topic: TORTURE….wahwahwah.

Well…you can imagine what the dipstick’s stance was….torture bad…it puts our troops at greater risk of being tortured themselves.

Yes…dipstick…you are SO right about that…because when our troops are captured by radical terrorist islamists…they are treated with the utmost respect right now! They aren’t beaten…they aren’t starved…they aren’t beheaded…nope…NONE of that happens.

I’d really hate to see what happens to them if we stop our tactics! What could be worse than beheading? I’d hate to find out!

~T the D

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