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T the D loves "The Nuge"

December 17, 2008

After having gone to see Ted Nugent in concert (and not being able to hear for the next 48 hours) I had a few co-workers take this as proof that was a “Nuge Head” and that I was in love with “The Nuge.”

I even came in one morning to find a photo-shopped picture of a loin-cloth clad Ted Nugent with the words “Tricia Loves the Nuge” encased in a red heart tacked up in my cube.


It was all in good fun…and since I generally have a good sense of humor, I laughed it all off. Afterall, there are worse things to be falsely accused of….like being a Barbara Streisand fan…

But the truth is…although I’m not obsessed…I really do sort of love Ted Nugent. He tells it like it is, and people like that seem to be a dying breed these days.

Anyway, I came across this article he wrote about gun control and thought it was rather insightful.

The man is definitely good for more than just rocking a crossbow on stage (yes…he did in fact shoot a cardboard cutout of Bin Laden with a cross bow during his concert…AWESOME)

~T the D

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