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Caution: Beautiful and insightful blog ahead

December 20, 2008

Well…it WAS going to be a beautiful and insightful blog until FELIZ NAVIDAD started playing.

I was completely poised…fingers on the keyboard…ready to pour my heart out about something or other…when the familiar chords began to play…and another piece of my soul died.

No other experience has killed more pieces of my soul than having to hear even a nanosecond of that song. I believe the only other time a bigger piece of my soul has died was when I was forced to sit in a 2 hour traffic jam in Chattanooga – only to find out the cause was the inability of my fellow humans to figure out how to use a merge lane.

Never fear though, souls are like a lizard’s tail…they grow back. BUT…they’re never quite the same afterward. So you see the problem here? This song is ruining me. The other day I tripped a nun…and I completely blame Feliz Navidad.

I don’t want whoever is singing that song to wish me a Merry Christmas…I just want them to shut up. I would give up all my worldly possessions for even just the possibility that I wouldn’t have to listen to that song ever again.

I’ve considered moving to some little-known part of the world…live in a hut…live off bugs and berries…but I just know that damn song would find me. It would find a way…

~T the D

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