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Have you ever noticed…

December 22, 2008

That Muslims never do anything wrong?

They’re always innocent – and most likely being framed or otherwise mistreated.

These idiots who were plotting an attack on Fort Dix were thankfully convicted, but SOME don’t see it that way.

They don’t think there was a case, and that the entire issue boils down to entrapment, because these dudes simply weren’t REALLY going to carry out their attack.

Well then they shouldn’t have made that video…and they sure as shit shouldn’t have tried to get it put onto a DVD in a retail establishment. They deserve to be convicted on stupidity alone.

I suppose only those men know for SURE if they were really going to attack Fort Dix, but I’m one person who doesn’t want to take the chance they would.

They deserve the verdict that was handed down. I’m not necessarily a proponent of verdicts that send a message…but in this case it’s appropriate.

~T the D

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