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I’m tired of politics…

December 22, 2008

I think I’m worn out…I’ve talked about it…thought about it…read about it…laughed about it…got angry about it…I’m just tapped out at the moment.

Plus, it’s hard to be concerned about Obama’s latest move when I barely have heat in my house…and a pipe that’s about to break.

It’s tough to care about the Blago scandal when I don’t even have time to stop and enjoy the pleasures of the Christmas season.

But you can’t escape it…politics are everywhere now. Everyone is spewing it left and right (haha…put not necessarily intended) and what I really want is a break from it all. Just a small one…I’ll come back later…when my head is out of the fog.

But I know that won’t happen…not unless I turn the computer off…unplug the TV…leave the paper on the front step…don’t answer my phone…and don’t leave my house…

And the chances of that happening are quite slim.

~T the D

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