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Yes…you’re right…REAL conservatives are the problem…

December 23, 2008

I normally like what I read here…but this really got under my skin.

To me, the problem seems very clear. We have a large segment of the population that is losing its representation in our government…and that would be the really true conservative. I’m not saying moderate conservatism doesn’t have its place…but we’re starting to see people grow tired of it.

You know why McCain lost? Because he pandered to the left and to the “moderates.” He completely abandoned the real conservative who just need someone to represent them. The sad thing is…a lot of us true conservatives were willing to go along with him…because it was “better than the alternative.” We put our faith in his ability to rise above the politics and bring it home for ALL of the conservatives and he wouldn’t do it.

And now we’re mad…you can call it crazy, you can say we’re losing it, but this is exactly what we needed in order to realize that things need to change. We cannot count on moderate politicians to represent us. Not a chance.

True conservatives are not the problem…it’s that we’re desperate for one of us to step up and point us in the right direction. And believe me…and these next four years are up…we’re going to need a whole other kind of “change.”

I refuse to concede that the answer is to move toward the middle. I’m staying right where I am, and I will continue to state my point and from now on, voting for real conservatives. Not people who simply tell me that they are.

~T the D

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