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Merry 2-days after Christmas!

December 27, 2008

I had intended to write a blog on Christmas day…but it was just a little too hectic…and I was just a little too exhausted. And then the same thing happened yesterday.

So, you just get your Merry Christmas blog a couple days late!

Despite a week that I felt sure was going to break me, it all came together into a great Christmas – but of course, it always does.

And as always, I got some great things that I probably don’t deserve…because somewhere out there I’m SURE my name is on the naughty list…but thankfully Santa seems to overlook it year after years.

But that’s not the real reason it was a great day. Gifts are fun, but the meaning of the day and joy you get to bring to other people is the real present – at least for me.

And…this doesn’t hurt either:

Just think of all the chocolate chip cookies I can make in there….mmmmm

You have to understand that the mixer I have been using is really only good for swishing water around in a bowl….and I’ve been using to mix up dough. Talk about a fiasco. I almost can’t wait to plug in this beauty and whip up some baked goods!

~T the D

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